Welcome to Living Land Online!

Welcome to Living Land Permaculture Homestead online! This website and blog is a new way for us, Amy & Steve, to connect, share, and celebrate sustainable living with others.

Keeping our footprint smaller and closer to home through homesteading is a journey for us, with lots of challenges, and always something new to learn. We both grew up in the suburbs, only getting interested in agriculture as young adults.  I did love nature, finding my happiness in trees and ponds and creatures.  So, I guess I did start Observing, if not Interacting, early on (Observe & Interact is the first of the Permaculture Principles)!

Now we are trying to live and work closer to the land, dedicating ourselves to what we think is a more responsible, connected and simpler way of life. Although I’ve come to question simpler… while we love the spirit of “Live simply so that others can simply live” I can’t say that there is anything about growing gardens, tending livestock or figuring out how to meet our needs locally that has turned out to be simple! Which is why we have an adventure worth writing about.

On this blog, I plan to share some of our ongoing story on trying to grow food, meet other needs, and get more sustainable in general. I hope there will be lots of successes to celebrate, and I’m sure there will be struggles we can all learn from as well. I hope readers will learn something, feel inspired to try to develop new skills, and feel like you have company in this lifestyle if you are already on the journey as well!

You can check out the other pages on this site (especially see “about us”) to learn background and details of what we’ve been working on and our practices.

Expect posts from me one to two times per month, complete with lots of pictures of baby goats, growing gardens, and more!

Amy for Living Land (Lily and Honey say they approve this message, too!)


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